Why Does The Body Ache After Exercise , Here Is The Answer

The most annoying thing for people who have just started to exercise is the soreness of body pain after exercise.

This is a phenomenon that may appear at the beginning of exercise——delayed muscle soreness (DOMS)

Means :

  • You are suddenly engaged in heavy exercise, especially after starting a new exercise, a change in exercise, or a sudden increase in exercise intensity, muscle soreness that occurs over a while.
  • If you used to have fitness habits before, but you haven’t trained for a long time, and it will be the same when you train again.


It usually occurs 12 to 24 hours after exercise and reaches its peak at 24 to 48 hours. It can relieve and disappear on its own within 3 to 7 days.

Spontaneous chronic pain is not produced in a calm state, and only when the muscles are contracted, pulled or touched and stimulated, the pain will be felt.


1. Associated with the intensity of training

The higher the intensity, the more likely to be soreness.

2. Related to age

During sports training, older people are more prone to muscle soreness.

3. Related to the duration of training

The longer the duration, the more severe the pain, but when the duration reaches a critical point, muscle soreness no longer increases.

4. Related to the form of muscle contraction

Centrifugal contraction is prone to muscle soreness, while the centripetal contraction is not likely to occur.

5. Related to training methods

Muscles are prone to soreness when they are unfit and unfamiliar with exercises.


The symptoms of DOMS are mainly muscle rigidity.

Mild muscles will be stiff and will be relieved during the activity :

In severe cases, the muscles are swollen with severe pain, and there is tenderness when touching the muscles.

4-level assessment method:

① Without soreness, I did not feel any influence or symptoms.

② Mild soreness Feeling of soreness and stiffness when touching fingers.

③ Moderately sore limbs have symptoms of soreness and stiffness during flexion and extension of the limbs, which slightly interfere with muscle function.

④ Severe aches and pains, such as obvious aches and stiffness, severely hinder muscle function.


This kind of muscle pain problem is caused by excessive stimulation of muscles, so you should properly arrange the amount of exercise according to your physical fitness during training.

Everyone has different muscle strength and endurance and can withstand different strengths.

For beginners, do n’t be greedy for excessive effort. Over-training should be done gradually, and wait until your body adjusts to intensity before increasing.

Everyone’s main pain area is also different.

As long as this pain is within a reasonable range, don’t worry too much. This is an inevitable reflection of muscle after exercise training.

Because our muscles will produce a lot of metabolic waste-lactic acid, lactic acid accumulation too much, this pain will occur.

After the exercise, a certain amount of muscle stretching is performed. The principle of stretching is in the opposite direction to the way just exercised. Stretch for 10 seconds at rest, relax for 10 seconds, and stretch again, so repeat 3-4 times.

When stretching, pay attention to the left and right symmetry, that is, the left leg is extended, and the right leg is also stretched.

After stretching, gently rub the pulled muscles with the palm of your hand.

If you feel that the intensity is too high, you can do a muscle massage after training.

After the training, take a hot bath, the water temperature should not be too high, let the water flow hit the muscles that have been exercised.


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