What Eating Habits Increase The Risk Of Gaining Weight?

Can you lose weight just by exercising? Weight loss requires more exercise and a combination of healthy eating habits.

1. Can I eat only fruit during the fat reduction period ?

Whether you gain muscle or lose fat, eating only fruit is not advisable.

1)  Excessive intake of fructose will also make people fatter, and long-term use of fruit as a meal will cause severe nutritional imbalance. 

Due to insufficient protein supply, a large amount of muscle is lost, basal metabolism is reduced accordingly, and fat reduction will be more difficult.

2) Replace the regular diet with light food for a long time.

The body will become more and more unhealthy due to lack of energy,

  • Fat-reducing diet, the most significant focus is NUTRITIONAL BALANCEProtein intake can not be ignored; the staple food is still to eat; you can use coarse grains, sweet potatoes instead of rice noodles, and other pure carbon water.

For people with body fat control needs, the nutrition ratio can be considered :

  • Breakfast: 30% carbon water, 40% protein, 30% fruits, and vegetables
  • Lunch: 40% carbon water, 40% protein, 20% vegetables, and fruits
  • Dinner: Carbon water is less than 10%, protein is 40%, vegetables and fruits are more than 40%

People in the muscle-building phase can increase the carbon water intake to more than 50%. If the training intensity is higher during the fat reduction

The carbon water should be controlled at about 30%,

the protein should be increased to 50%, and the dietary fiber should be kept at 20%.

Choose the easiest way to cook :

Steamed> Bake> Boiled> Quick Fried (Small Fried)> Fried

If you can cook the eggs, you don’t have to fry them every time. Fruits can be eaten fresh and whole, do not drink juice, or eat puree; the latter two will reduce the content of beneficial nutrients in the fruit.

2. In addition to chicken breast, what kind of meat can you eat for fitness?

Lean beef, lean pork, lean meat or skinless poultry, fish, shrimp, and shellfish are all sources of dietary protein.

Compared with other meats, lamb is generally higher in calories,

and people with body fat control needs are not recommended to eat more.

The key is to choose lean meat and avoid high-calorie cooking methods

such as deep-fried, braised, sweet and sour, and stir-fry.

In short : less oil

3.  Will eating eggs after drinking protein powder hurt the kidneys?

For general fitness people without kidney disease, want to drink protein powder to affect kidney function, probably eat a barrel of 5 pounds a day. No need to worry about drinking protein powder and adding two eggs to drink a cup of milk

As a final note, you can eat more egg whites in the fitness diet.

Eggs (with egg yolks) are enough to eat two a day.

4.  Is fat meat a cancer on the fitness table?

Not exactly, look at the cooking method.

It is saturated fatty acids that affect our body and health.

As long as we can use reasonable cooking methods to minimize our intake of saturated fatty acids, we can eat occasionally.

5.  Will drinking soup increase calorie intake?

It depends on the ingredients. Ingredients such as tomato and egg soup and cabbage and tofu soup are mainly vegetables. Vegetarian soup with shorter cooking time is a good partner on the fitness table.

Compared with broth, vegetarian soup has less saturated fat content in itself, and a bowl of soup does not have too many calories.

A bowl of vegetarian soup before meals helps to reduce appetite and avoid excessive calories in the subsequent diet,

which can make the body fat control program easier to implement.

6. Does black coffee and dark chocolate help reduce fat?

Black coffee does have some help in reducing fat in fitness,

it can increase energy consumption after exercise, and also has certain benefits for improving sports performance and reducing muscle soreness.

As for dark chocolate that also contains caffeine, you can occasionally eat a piece.

7.  What eating habits increase the risk of gaining weight?

Eating too fast :

When people eat too quickly, the judgment of satiety will be disturbed to a certain extent, so it is easier to eat more calories than eating slowly.

Frequent dinner :

A dinner will extend the length of a meal, so that people inadvertently ingest more calories in small talk.

It may not be too unhealthy to eat, but it is too easy for you to eat too much,

8.  What time does dinner make me fat?

Consumption> Intake is a necessary prerequisite for fat loss.

If you consume too many calories during the day and consume very little.

Then no matter what you eat for dinner, what time to eat, and whether to eat, you will be fat.

In general, the interval between dinner and sleep is recommended to be 3-5 hours. And it is recommended to arrange it before 7 pm if conditions permit.

It is not recommended to consume too much carbon water and fat for dinner, especially when the dinner and sleep arrangements are close. During sleep time, the body’s metabolism is slow. Ingesting high-sugar and high-fat foods before bedtime is more likely to cause an energy surplus.

The increase of insulin, which inhibits the secretion of growth hormone, will hinder muscle development and is not conducive to body fat control.

In addition, supplementing protein before going to bed, there will be no risk of growing meat.


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