What can we do when we have to stay at home because of the Coronavirus?

Everyone knows that coronavirus is raging worldwide. The stock market was volatile, and the games were closed. Life has no way to proceed at a normal pace for the time being,

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, everyone is forced to stay at home. During this period, many players at home also have a lot of time to do things they are interested in: playing computer games, playing instruments, playing with their baby and so on. They have posted their leisure time on social media. But one of them seemed a bit maverick.


During this period, LeBron James posted photos and videos of training alone in the arena on social media. This has to make people lament that it is not without reason that this man has maintained a high level of competitive status in the league for so many years.

We do not have the conditions to own a stadium for training, but we also have to study hard at home to improve our own capabilities. Most importantly, exercise cannot stop. A healthy body can effectively help you fight coronavirus.

Pilates is an excellent sport, and everyone may not know it well, but as long as you keep exercising for a while, you can find that your body has undergone tremendous changes.

Yoga and Pilates have many similarities and differences, but the most significant difference between the two sports is the difference in the ultimate purpose of your exercise.

The ultimate goal of practicing yoga is to achieve integration of mind and body. It provides you with a meditation environment, with the emphasis on spiritual cultivation. Relieve mental stress first, then improve the quality of life.

The ultimate goal of practicing Pilates is to strengthen your body. Unlike fitness, Pilates is mainly focused on core and deep muscle exercises, which has an immediate effect on rehabilitation treatment and improving physical function.

Pilates does not necessarily need equipment to practice. At home, with a yoga mat, you can practice a lot of movements. Here is a very good action for everyone:

VIDEO https://youtu.be/fs9SmkmSEX8

Believe me, it’s not difficult. Just keep in mind the following three points:

  • Tighten your core
  • Keep breathing

You have to make your movements slowly. If you rely on explosive power to complete your movements, you will not be able to exercise your deep muscles.

Thanks for watching!

Hope everyone can keep exercising.


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