The Most Scientific And Reasonable Way Of Fitness, Suitable For 10 to 60 Years Old

At present, the purpose of most sports and fitness people are: "gain muscle" and "fat loss."

Many people are only trying to achieve the effect. To make the goal quickly, they ignore the intermediate process and cause a lot of injuries.


To introduce you to a versatile training modeOPT training.

This is an advanced training model developed by the National Institute of Sports Medicine (NSAM) based on human sports science and clinical practice.

In an integrated way, combine all training methods into a progressive system, including flexibility training, cardiopulmonary function training, core training, balance ability training, rapid expansion and contraction training, as well as speed, sensitivity, agility, and Resistance training.

In short, it is to help urbanites of different ages and levels improve their physical fitness step by step, while at the same time, they can increase muscle and reduce fat and avoid sports injuries.

Reasonable use of this model can develop the most suitable training method for different people.

Also, it is especially suitable for people with an unbalanced body structure and more vulnerable.

OPT training is divided into three levels (stability, strength, explosiveness), five stages (including three stages of power), and each stage lasts for about a month

which is:

1. Level 1-Stability

Phase 1: A stability training phase

2. Second level-strength

Phase 2: Strength endurance training phase

Phase 3: A muscle training phase

Phase 4: Strength growth training phase

3. Third level-explosive power

Stage 5: Explosive Training

1. Level 1-Stability

Phase 1: Enhanced stability
Mainly used to enhance the core strength of the training object and the stability of joints, improve the efficiency of muscle nerves, and lay the foundation for later training.

The first level of stability practice is mainly to lay the foundation to prepare for later higher and stronger training.

The goals are as follows:

  • Improve muscle imbalance
  • Improve the stability of core muscle groups
  • Prepare the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints for the upcoming intensive training to prevent tissue overload.
  • Improve overall cardiopulmonary function and neuromuscular conditions

Establish proper movement patterns and training skills

Completed the first level of stability training and then advanced to the strength level.

The strength level mainly increases muscle endurance on the basis of body stability, and then focuses on the growth of muscle dimensions and the growth of maximum strength.

2. Second level-strength

Phase 2: Strength endurance
They are mainly used to enhance bone density, the strength of tendons, and ligaments. Besides, improve and enhance metabolism, creatine phosphate function, and glycolysis function.
Phase 3: Muscle latitude growth
Mainly used to help trainees increase muscle latitude.
Phase 4: Maximum strength enhancement
It is mainly used to enhance the training object’s ability to mobilize muscle cells and generate strength while enhancing the maximum strength of the training object’s muscles per unit time.

The advancement at this level is the increase in load and volume.

The main focus of the strength phase is to increase the stability strength to the maximum, increase the stability endurance, and develop the best muscle hypertrophy and maximum strength.

The goals are as follows:

  • Increase the ability of the core muscle group to stabilize the hip joint and trunk of the lumbar pelvis under more heavy loads and more complex movements (strength endurance)
  • Increase metabolism regulation
  • Increase the load-carrying capacity of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints (strength endurance and muscle hypertrophy)
  • Increase the training load and stimulate muscle tissue growth (muscular hypertrophy)
  • Increase the recruitment of motor units and the frequency of motor unit activation, and promote more motor units to work simultaneously (maximum strength)

After the second level is completed, advance to the final explosive stage.

3. Third level-explosive power

Phase 5: Exercise ability improvement
It is mainly used to enhance the exercise ability (neurology and muscle coordination ability) of the training object, emphasizing the control of the body and the rate of muscle contraction and exercise ability in different environments, including balance, agility, reaction, burst, etc.

This level will increase the speed and explosiveness of the action.

The explosion level is mainly concerned with maximizing the speed at which we generate power.

Explosive training is not a universal training program for individuals, usually for athletes.

The goals are as follows:

  • Improve muscle nerve efficiency
  • Improves original muscle strength
  • Increase the rate of productivity

It can be seen that these stages are very continuous, one by one. If you want to train at a higher stage, you must lay the foundation through the previous stages.

But not everyone needs every stage, according to the purpose.

For example, the purpose of a 40-year-old brother is to make his body better and exercise better, mainly in the 1st and 2nd stages.

The purpose of a basketball player is definitely to improve athletic ability and explosiveness, so it is necessary to use the fifth stage of practice, so it is more appropriate to train in stages 1 to 5.

For those who aim to lose weight and build up, the 1st and 2nd stage cycles are enough.

Basically, the sequence of exercise types in each class in OPT training is unchanged, and it is always warm-up-core, balance, enhanced-resistance-relaxation.

Only the action and difficulty will change, just like playing the game to upgrade monsters, waiting for your ability to improve, the monsters and bosses of each level will become stronger.


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