Remember 3 Sports Misunderstandings, Stay Away from Sports Injuries

It is said that exercise is good for health, why do accidents happen frequently?

Exercise is good for health but may also cause damage. Only scientific exercise can improve health and stay away from injury. Here are the three misunderstandings most likely to fall into sports health


Evaluation of the importance of exercise is like the importance of examination for treatment. Without systematically and accurately understanding the physical condition, it is difficult to formulate a targeted program, so that hurts yourself.

Professional sports health assessment recommends : ACSM’s exercise assessment program + FMS assessment. It can include all necessary screening items such as “exercise risk,” “muscle strength endurance” and so on.

Such an evaluation takes about 50 minutes at a time. The equipment required is not complicated, but it requires a coach’s rich professional knowledge and operating experience. As well as a real professional mentality.

Before starting the formal training, a basic test is done to provide a “map” for the training program design. It is recommended to do a phased test every quarter to objectively evaluate the training results, deficiencies, guide the adjustment and design of subsequent training programs.


Discomfort, sore muscles, knee injuries, etc. All because of not warming up before exercise.

The complete exercise should include a relaxation-dynamic, stretching-training plan for the day-static stretching. Relaxation and dynamic stretching, also known as “warm-up,” are an essential link. By moving the muscles and joints of various parts of the body in advance. The cardiopulmonary and muscles are brought into a state, lubricating the joints, and making the body function well Exercise preparation.

If you go to exercise, not only will the safety be guaranteed, but the exercise effect will be better.

It’s essential at the beginning. “Active stretching” that moves by yourself is better for the body because when actively stretching. It is not only your muscles, joints, and ligaments, but also the heart, lungs and nervous system.


Perhaps the word “exercise” is the cause of the trouble. It seems that without pain, “exercise” is not enough. And even makes the degree of pain proportional to the sense of accomplishment.

Exercise is a “stimulation-adaptation” process.

Proper stimulation is definitely necessary, but excessive effects will have a counter-effect. And extreme excessive stimulation may even lead to death.

Note: The limit of actual exercise reaching sudden death is challenging exercise intensity. There have been epidemiological investigations. The chance of sudden death in athletes is meager, often because there are some primary diseases.)

The more common overweight is “excessive exercise” caused by exceeding the usual load without enough rest and recovery. For example, many people will feel fatigued, fatigued, irritable, and decline in athletic performance after long-term heavy load training. Because most people are not professional athletes, they need to work, and even exercise is to have better energy to cope with life and work. The control of the amount of activity is particularly important.

On the one hand, exercise must be strengthened in an orderly manner to have the effect of use. This can be grasped by the exercise intensity based on heart rate, or by training capacity. On the one hand, exercise cannot excessively seek “abuse,” proper stimulation brings health, and excessive stimulation brings damage.

And personal feelings are often more subjective. For example, people who exercise longer generally have a higher tolerance, and their sensitivity to stimulating factors decreases.

It also highlights the importance of “staged” assessment-you can objectively judge the effect of this stage of exercise and positively adjust adverse factors.


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