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Here is mainly to tell you about the principle of the massage gun and muscle,

What is fascia

Fascia is a connective tissue that runs through the body and coats the body tissue in the opposite position. The fascia is divided into a superficial fascia and a deep fascia. The most important influence on our skeletal muscle tension is the deep fascia. In fact, you have seen it already. Think about the thin white film between the skin and the meat when you used to eat chicken legs.

Why we need to relax fascia

This tissue of the fascia is easily attached to the muscles or internal organs. Prolonged maintenance of the same posture, continued action or injury, etc. may cause adhesions that affect the body’s function and even produce various pains and inflammations. It is not enough to stretch the muscles, and extra pressure is needed to stimulate the fascia to reduce adhesions. If we can relax the fascia at ordinary times, it will help to minimize adhesions; and consistently,it can help improve the condition of the body.

Your private therapist

A massage gun looks like a gun. It is an excellent tool to help recover after exercise, work using the pain gate theory, deceive the nervous system, thereby reducing pain. It can also be used for warm-up and activation before exercise to treat sports injuries. It uses high-frequency vibration at different frequencies to Help in relaxing muscle tightness and improving blood flow, restore and even enhance muscular functionality, decrease the occurrence of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS).

Stretching and relaxing is a daily homework for all sports enthusiasts, and whether they go to the gym, muscle pains may affect your routine activities. However, for office workers, daily relaxation is very inconvenient, and it is not convenient to bring a foam roller to work in the unit. Researchers have shown 7-8 hours of sleep is equal to 60 minutes of massage, so a wireless and portable fascia gun solves this problem well.

Who needs

People with neck pain and low back pain
Muscle sore crowd
Man with sore arm

Almost all kinds of people can use a massage gun, such as professional athletes, general sports enthusiasts, works, and people who have experienced muscle soreness. High-frequency vibration massage can help relieve muscle stiffness and pain, reduce fascial adhesions, make training more productive, and make life and work easier.


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Knowledge Of Massage Gun

The massage gun promotes the exchange of liquid in the fascia through vibration massage, helps the discharge of metabolic waste, and improves the nutrition supply of the fascia and related organs.

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