Massage gun components and differentiation

In a severe epidemic today, you must know these points about massage guns.

The massage gun is a simple but effective massager. If we take it apart, we will find that it consists of only the following parts:

  • Outer Casing ( usually ABS plastic )
  • Motor ( usually brushless motor )
  • Bearing ( connecting the motor and massage head )
  • PCBA Board ( for controlling ) Battery

Judging from the composition of the parts, this is just a very simple electronic product. This also makes this product very easy to be imitated. Often, a new product is just launched on the market, and there will be countless manufacturers to imitate it. As a result, the price of fascia guns has also gradually dropped from the initial high point, and in some regions, it has even entered price competition.

Only differentiated products can stand out. For example:

  • Unique Design
  • Structural design in accordance with mechanics
  • Quality parts
  • Smart technology and other additional features
  • And so on

It is our goal to create a high-quality massage gun that can provide users with a comfortable experience. Constantly improving various details and enhancing the user experience, even high-quality customer service, and after- sales service, etc., are the potential value of this product that we can explore.

During the period severely affected by the epidemic, our factories still retained efficient production capacity. In the near future, we will continue to launch some new differentiated massage guns that are different from ordinary models on the market.

For details, please visit our company website:


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The massage gun promotes the exchange of liquid in the fascia through vibration massage, helps the discharge of metabolic waste, and improves the nutrition supply of the fascia and related organs.

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