Exercise for abdominal muscles, but also for “invisible” abdominal muscles

Correctly understand the abdominal muscles and exercise the abdominal muscles more effectively

The abdominal muscles can be divided into three parts. Generally, the abdominal muscles are the rectus abdominis, and the mermaid line or vest line are the oblique muscles inside and outside the abdomen.

But the most important and not to be overlooked is the deep muscle abdominal transverse muscle.

Strong abdominal muscles can protect our spine, and especially the rectus abdominis can stabilize the curve of our lumbar spine. The internal and external oblique muscles help the waist rotate, allowing us to bend left and right. The transverse abdominal muscle is most important in enhancing the stability of the lumbar spine.

From the picture above, we can see that the part of our human lumbar spine does not have much support around it, only some muscles or ligaments. Therefore, exercising the abdominal muscles is very important for the stability of the entire lumbar spine.

As the “invisible” muscle, the transverse abdominal muscle is particularly important in this regard. Unlike rectus abdominis, rectus abdominis acts as a superficial muscle, and its main function is to provide strength. The transverse abdominal muscle is a deep muscle, which is more like your natural belt. Its main function is to provide stability. Because it is a deep muscle, the transverse abdominal muscles are not easy to train.

The following picture tells you what movements and positions to practice abdominal muscles

In fact, in our daily abdominal muscle training, we can train the transverse abdominal muscles. You just need to pay attention to tighten your core during training, make the abdominal cavity as close to your back as possible, and clamp your hips.

Why do some people not practice abdominal muscles, you will understand after reading the following 4 points.

1.Can’t practice abdominal muscles.

Many people practice abdominal muscles like counting. What does it mean? Just feel that the number of times, the abdominal muscles have been trained. People who can practice abdominal muscles do not count at all. They only experience that the abdominal muscles are hot and hot. This requires that in the process of training the abdominal muscles, the control power of the abdominal muscles is used throughout.

No matter which action you use to practice the abdominal muscles, youExercise for abdominal muscles, but also for “invisible” abdominal muscles 5 must experience the force exerted by the abdominal muscles, and this force is from the beginning to the end, the abdominal muscles are always in a state of tension. If you really don’t practice abdominal muscles, here is a secret. Please do it as slowly as possible, and you will feel it.

2. Lack of aerobic training.

Abdominal muscles cannot come out, and you must reduce the body fat rate. Aerobic exercise to reduce body fat must not be less, such as running. It is recommended to use at least 30 minutes at a time, so as to consume more fat.

3. Diet.

This is also very important. Eat less high-calorie foods, such as fried foods and greasy foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as foods high in fiber and vitamins, to maintain your body’s acid-base balance. Most obese people are acidic in all tests. Secondly, whether you are gaining muscle or losing fat, please eat less frequently and never overeat.

4. Increase abdominal muscle training intensity.

The most taboo for muscle training is to use weight from beginning to end. The training compound always stays in the primary stage. The same is true for abdominal exercises. When you can do 30 supine crunches, then please take a heavy object with both hands, such as a kettle, dumbbells, etc., to increase the strength of your abdominal training, so that your abdominal muscles can come out.


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