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We love sports, and we love technology!
For better and more healthy life and business,
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Olympics Supplier


We were founded in Hong Kong in 2011 as a sports goods and electronic products' supply-chain management company at the beginning.


Our base is located in Guangzhou, the south of China, which there are top colleges and talents, and 8700+ high-tech enterprises.

Excellent teams

We have excellent and professional R & D and design, marketing, construction teams, and joint-stock factories with years of development.

Quality Supplier

We are the supplier of the 2 Olympic Games and 7 International Games. We have launched 30+ high-quality and popular patented products, and done 200+ approved indoor sports projects.

R & D Ability

We cooperate with professional sports teams, colleges, and labs to develop new sports products and sports spaces that integrate equipment, smart devices, and big data.

Foreseeable Future

Technology changes not only our lives but also the way we exercise. We believe it will bring us more. We devote to promote scientific exercise and healthy life through technology. We are doing!

Why Choose Us?

Strict Quality Control

3 parts of our QC: full inspection of raw materials, quality control of production lines, and 100% full-inspection before shipment.

R&D Ability

We have cooperated with top sports colleges (Beijing Sports University, Nanjing Sports University) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to develop sports products that are popular in the market.

Marketing Support

We can share many successful project cases and assistance to open a broader market with you.

Advanced Supply-chain

With years of practice and strict evaluation, we have selected 100+ quality suppliers to establish a stable cooperative relationship.

System Integration

We have integrated with other related fields' excellent companies (such as smart home, smart security, and network security) to develop intelligent indoor training sports systems and comprehensive space.

Speedy Response

We are on call 24/7. Any questions will be answered and resolved within 24 hours.

Meet The Sales Team

Here is an experienced and professional consultant, a responsible and reliable partner, a kind and patient friend.
Sincer team

Pikens Chan

Senior Consultant

Business makes the same, but we make a difference.

I’m a super sports fan. I love Golden State, and I love Stephen Curry. No matter products or news, I’d like to share it with you.

Molly Liang

Senior Consultant

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

The job is my first work after I graduated in 2018. I love my company, my team, and we do meaningful things together.

Feon Zheng


Gain today.

I’m a detail-oriented, I have many hobbies, one of them is playing games, and another is fitness.

Sophia Xu

SENIOR Manager

Health is more valuable than money.

I have worked at P&G and Honda. For the execution process and product quality control, I’m serious.

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Knowledge Of Massage Gun

The massage gun promotes the exchange of liquid in the fascia through vibration massage, helps the discharge of metabolic waste, and improves the nutrition supply of the fascia and related organs.

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