During the anti-epidemic period in homes, exercise at home has become a rational choice for most people, and home fitness equipment has become popular. How can I choose the home fitness equipment that suits me?

Experts from the China Consumer Association and the China Sports Goods Federation (CSGF) provide consumers with the following selection tips for purchasing home fitness equipment.


Applicable People: people with running / aerobic training needs, large houses

The mid-to-high-end treadmills at home are suitable for sports enthusiasts who have exercise habits in the gym and have specific requirements for the sports experience, foot feel, and shock absorption performance. You can choose your treadmill according to family space and actual purchase budget. It is recommended that consumers want the treadmill brand of both the online flagship store and the offline physical store as much as possible when selecting the treadmill. Such product warranty and after-sales maintenance are more assured than online brands.


Applicable People: light sports needs, small apartment, free installation

Compared with treadmills, walking robots have a small footprint, are foldable, and can be easily stored. They are the only choice for small apartments and are popular with many young sports enthusiasts. The speed of a general walking machine can reach 6KM / H, and some walking machines also have the function of treadmills, and the rate can reach 10KM / H. But the carrying capacity of the walking machine is weaker than that of the treadmill. The walking machine is also developing intelligently. Consumers can choose a walking machine with intelligent speed control functions such as infrared foot feeling and voice remote control. It has advantages in step calculation and safety, and it also needs attention. As for the materials and shock absorption performance, it is recommended to prefer the professional walking machine brand.


Applicable People: heavy-weight people/leg and hip shaping needs / white-collar people, medium-sized people

Treadmills are not suitable for heavy-weight sportspeople. The weight-bearing damage to the knees is irreversible, so heavy-weight people are more appropriate to use elliptical machines. The movement track of the elliptical machine protects the knee joints. At the same time, it can effectively exercise the sedentary legs and hip muscles by adjusting the resistance and slope of the elliptical machine.

The rowing machine has a good effect on the muscle strengthening of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest, and back. Especially suitable for people with more fat on the size, abdomen, and upper arm. Therefore, much net red and white-collar women will choose elliptical machines or rowing machines as the first home fitness equipment.


Applicable People: HIT efficient training method, leg and hip shaping, small apartment

The climbing machine simulates mountaineering training. During exercise, the feet alternately move upwards, which is mainly used to exercise lower limb strength. Someone has estimated that using a mountaineer to apply for 20 minutes consumes about 800 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 60 minutes of running, 60 minutes of swimming, and 60 minutes of yoga. So for consumers who don’t want to spend too much time on fitness every day, choose a mountaineering machine and use the time of debris to exercise. They can efficiently complete the fat-burning, shaping, and hip lifting exercises in 15 minutes a day.


Applicable People: 3-8-year-old babies, treasure moms who need to liberate their hands

The lively and active babies had to be detained at home during the epidemic, so there was no place to play. If there is enough space at home, a trampoline can help your baby release excess energy. Sports psychology research believes that trampoline exercise meets the psychological characteristics of children’s entertainment and sports. Persistent practice will make the child’s leg muscles and cerebellum balance the nervous system and cerebral nervous system more developed and can achieve the purpose of growth. However, when buying, pay attention to its quality, size, convenience, and elasticity when storing and using. The trampoline should be placed away from windows and furniture, and children should not be too excited and jump too high when jumping.


Applicable People: professional strength training needs, muscle tearers, private gyms

The comprehensive training device is a full-featured comprehensive strength training device for muscle lovers. It supports 25+ kinds of strength training and covers the muscle training needs of the whole body. For those who pursue professional fitness, they can meet the needs of aerobic training and strength training. The comprehensive training device is large and suitable for large units.


Use Crowd: exercise relaxation, deep muscle relaxation, sedentary office workers

People who exercise regularly may be familiar with massage guns. After fitness or exercise, the muscles are too tense to produce fascia adhesions and cause soreness. The purpose of the massage gun is to massage these deep-level muscles deeply and transmit the force and vibration to the deep fascia muscles through the principle of vibration. Fascia relaxation can effectively comb the muscle fascia, get stretch, reduce muscle friction, and have great help on joint mobility and muscle extensibility. For a professional fascia gun, it is recommended to choose a price of USD147.06-USD220.59 for the elimination of fatigue after exercise according to your own needs; it is better to select a USD294.18-USD441.18 fascia gun for sports assistance and rehabilitation training.

However, when using it you need to pay attention as follows : 

  1. It should be applied to muscles (soft tissues), avoiding nearby bones and joints
  2. appropriate pressure, pay attention to the rebound and stability of the gun body
  3. If this is the first time to use, massage through clothes / towels to avoid abrasion of the skin and trigger sensitive reactions


Suitable for the Crowd: yoga enthusiasts, freehand sports enthusiasts

Yoga mats are believed to be a single item of sports for girls. On the days when they cannot go out, it is a good choice to practice yoga at home or practice some freehand training with the app. Although the price of yoga mats is not high, don’t be too greedy for cheap products. It is recommended that you can choose a high-density TPE yoga mat. Its material is an environmentally friendly material containing natural latex and hemp. It is recyclable and reusable. It will not cause environmental pollution after disposal, and it has lightweight, good anti-skid performance, long service life, and resilience. it is good. Yoga mats are extremely skin-friendly products and should be cleaned according to the instructions to avoid contamination by bacteria or viruses.


Applicable people: Yoga lovers, sports relaxation

The Yoga Foam Shaft is lightweight and full of cushioning elasticity. It is used after speed training and long-distance running. You can use your own weight and a cylindrical foam shaft to massage yourself, relax the muscle fascia layer, ease the tense fascia, and increase blood flow and soft tissue circulation. In addition to the traditional foam shafts, the foam shafts on the market are now new and are not limited to stretching and relaxation after exercise. The new foam shafts can already take into account functions such as vibration relaxation, music playback, and built-in dumbbells. It can be a mobile stereo or a piece of art in the corner of the living room. However, it should be noted that this multi-purpose product cannot be rinsed with water, and can only be wiped with a damp cloth.

Overcoming the covid-19 is just around the corner, and many people have also consciously raised the awareness of sports to enhance their physical fitness in this dilemma. In the future, I believe that home sports will be part of our daily life. Winter will eventually pass, and spring is coming.


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