7 body parts that cannot be hit with a massage gun

Compared with traditional massage tools, the massage gun has a certain frequency advantage and strike strength.

People who have been sitting for a long time in the office, will have chronic pain such as back pain. For these people, the massage gun can reduce muscle tension and relieve work pressure.

Although the massage gun is very cool to use, it should not be too addictive. Usually, it is not recommended to use more than 1 minute for a part (mostly about 30 seconds). Massage guns are generally relatively safe when used only in areas with relatively full muscles. But special care should be taken when used in other areas. There are usually six or fewer types of gun heads on the market, with different applicable parts.

For the following parts, non-professionals must be cautious:

1. Front & Side of Neck

The nerves and blood vessels are very densely located on the anterior and lateral sides of the neck. And the carotid sinus is in this position.

When suddenly subjected to physical compression or shock, a cardiovascular reflex will occur, which will lower blood pressure and slow the heartbeat, resulting in an instant brain Insufficient or interrupted blood supply, individual individuals may even experience extreme cases such as fainting and cardiac arrest. If you feel a little tight on the side of the side, you can use the method of stretching to relax, but never use the massage gun to directly hit the side of the cervical spine, it will be very dangerous.

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2. The location of the bone protrusion

For example, in the middle of the spine, these bones with raised heads are called spinous processes. There is also a bony protrusion called the scapular scapula above the shoulder blades of the shoulder joint. There are many similar bony raised signs on the body.

In principle, if you can directly touch the bone with your hand, you can’t use this gun to directly hit the bone. Otherwise, in addition to severe pain, there may be soft tissue damage.

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3. Medial clavicle

Behind the clavicle and the anterior, inferior position of the upper bundle of the trapezius muscle are the channels through which the cervical spine emits the brachial plexus.

And there is also a subclavian artery on the posterior medial side of the clavicle. The upper part of the shoulder is very easy to sore.

Generally, you can use the massage gun to hit the upper trapezius muscle from the back to the front. But never hit the clavicle.

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4. Underarm and inner side of big arm

This is an important position of the brachial plexus nerve. There are some upper parts of the musculocutaneous nerve, the radial nerve, the median nerve, and the ulnar nerve. At the same time, there are also blood vessels like the brachial artery.

If you go directly to the position near the armpit or inner side of the arm, it is very prone to nerve or blood vessel damage.

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5. Medial side of the elbow

There is a bulge on the inner side of the elbow joint and an osseous structure called the ulnar nerve groove, which passes through the middle. It’s what we often say about “numbness.” When you nibble, you will feel your arm or hand numb. If you touch it directly with a fascia gun in this position, you will almost feel the feeling of “numbness.”

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6. Lateral knee joint-fibula head

Touch down from the outside of the knee joint from top to bottom, the bump on the upper end of the lower leg is the fibula head. There is a common peroneal nerve around the small head of the fibula. If the massage gun touches the small head of the fibula, it may cause damage to the common peroneal nerve.

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7. Back of the knee-popliteal fossa

In the position of the popliteal fossa. There are the popliteal artery, the tibial nerve, and the common peroneal nerve also pass from this location. So the massage gun should never hit the popliteal fossa.

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