4 hormones that can’t be ignored on the way to lose weight

Hormones are regulators of the environment in the human body. Regulating every step of our metabolic activities and making them essential substances in our lives.

The secretion of hormones has specific rules. Not only controlled by the internal body of the body but also affected by external environmental information. The amount of hormone secretion has an essential influence on the function of the body. We all know that hormones play an essential role in regulating the body’s metabolism, growth, development, and reproduction. There are many hormones in our body. They directly determine how much fat you store. If you have difficulty losing fat, it may be that these hormones are secreted too much.


Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas, and it is the most critical hormone for us to gain weight. It is mainly used to lower blood sugar and then store fat. Insulin is the most significant hormone that stores fat. Almost all fat people have insulin resistance.

When you eat, the pancreas secretes insulin to help nutrients quickly reach the inside of the cell. And convert it into energy for the body to consume. It is also called “fat synthesizer.”

The carbohydrates we eat are converted into fat that we fear and need through the secretion of a large amount of insulin, which is why we will feel after fasting or exercising for a long time. Appetite is better than usual

The level of insulin will also affect our lipase (LPL) and hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) secretion.

Which determines whether we store fat or burn fat.

Therefore, if you want to get along with insulin, you should reduce your carbohydrate intake and low-carb diet. (LPL)increase fat; (HSL) help reduce fat)


Leptin LP is a protein hormone secreted by adipose tissue and is a hormone related to leanness. It was generally believed that after entering the blood circulation, it would participate in the regulation of sugar, fat and energy metabolism.

And prompting the body to reduce food intake, increase energy release, inhibit the synthesis of fat cells, thus reduce weight.

When leptin is secreted more, the hypothalamus will be less sensitive to it, and slowly ignored by the hypothalamus, and the phenomenon of “leptin resistance” appears. This is why fatter people have an enormous appetite and are less willing to exercise.


After a period of fitness, many people will find that maintaining a proper diet, maintaining a good schedule, or continuing to exercise will also cause muscle loss. So why is this? This phenomenon may be caused by the stress hormone cortisol in your body.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex, which we call “stress hormone”, is a more important stress hormone, is a catabolic hormone, belongs to glucocorticoid, and has a great influence on glucose metabolism. It will reduce the protein’s ability to synthesize, break down your muscles, and reduce the body’s ability to exercise.

High cortisol will stimulate the body’s cravings for food, especially fat and sugar.

The fast pace of life in today’s society is likely to cause excessive mental stress and high cortisol levels. Not only that, people who have much stress for a long time will also become prone to fatness, fatigue, irritability, and blood sugar Increase, etc. Therefore, it is important to learn to relieve stress, release emotions, and balance your mindset, especially for people who want to increase muscle mass and reduce fat.


Estrogen is one of the main female sex hormones and is related to the development of puberty and the menstrual cycle. Estrogen has many other basic functions, including helping to control cholesterol levels in the blood, promoting bone health, and protecting the brain and mood.

Too high or too low estrogen can easily cause fat accumulation. Part of the reason women gain weight after middle age is due to the decreasing estrogen. For many women, they will choose to lose weight during the physiological period, which is indeed a good choice.

One week before menstruation, people will feel tired due to the problem of hormone secretion, and the desire for sweets will also rise. Appropriate intake of the foods you want to eat will not cause us much impact. During this time, you should not do too intense exercise, and you should mainly do moderate exercise such as stretching.

The menstrual period is our “convalescence period.” If there is no discomfort during menstruation, you can do proper walking, yoga, and other low-intensity exercises. The bodyweight that rises during menstruation will also gradually decrease.

The week after menstruation is our woman’s “weight loss golden period.” This week, our hormone secretion and physical condition are most suitable for exercise. Grasp this period of time and arrange high-intensity exercise suitable for you. The fat-reducing effect is “immediate.”

Hormones directly or indirectly affect our body, whether storing fat or burning fat, these hormones are playing a decisive role.

1.Don’t suddenly change the body’s operating model. For example, suddenly start high-intensity exercise, suddenly change the diet (such as dieting, fasting, light fasting, Gugu, low oil and low salt, etc. against the usual means of eating).

2. The most basic thing is to adjust your own state of life. To relieve stress, we can ensure sleep, emotional stability, and not overeating. Remember, your state, emotions are always the foundation; without these foundations, you can not lose weight healthily, may make you sick, eating disorders, and enter the nausea cycle of overeating…

Stable work schedule + normal diet + good mood = cornerstone to achieving your body goals


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