4 Different Massage Guns – Hardware Comparison

It has been almost two years since the massage gun was released, and more and more massage guns of different brands have appeared on the market.

The price of these massage guns varies greatly, so how to choose a cost-effective massage gun? This article will test the hardware of four different massage guns at different prices and brands:

1. Hypervolt ( American premium brands ) – retail price about 485USD.

2. Yunmai ( Ecological brand of Chinese brand Xiaomi ) – retail price about 285USD.

3. Posezoo ( Chinese brand ) – retail price about 171USD.

4. Merach ( Chinese brand ) – retail price about 74 USD.

Body Design

  • Hypervolt – The product is cross-shaped, can stand, cylindrical handle, made of ABS plastic, with silicone non-slip handle. The overall workmanship is fine.
  • Yunmai – The tree shape design is adopted. The cylindrical handle has a unique shape. The product is made of nylon. The material has the4 Different Massage Guns – Hardware Comparison 2 advantages of better toughness than ABS and strong impact resistance. It has a silicone non-slip handle and looks high-grade.
  • Posezoo – The product adopts a T-shaped design, which is made of nylon + glass fiber material, and its overall texture is similar to that of Yunmai.
  • Merach – The product also uses a T-shaped design, a square handle, and is made of ABS plastic. Due to the thinner wall thickness of the product, the impact resistance is much worse than Hypervolt, and the texture is poor.

Body Details

  • Hypervolt – Double button operation (switch button at the bottom) 3 modes of cyclic operation, the head design is solid and there are many cooling holes. Complete manufacturer and product information.
  • Yunmai – The product’s start-up and gear selection are operated by a button. There is a circle of fake heat dissipation holes on the top. The real heat dissipation holes are in the gun head. The heat dissipation effect is questionable. Complete manufacturer and product information.
  • Posezoo – Added an LCD display, dual buttons for switching and mode selection, 6 modes design A6 different massage programs are set according to the user needs), the gun head is solid, and fine quality. Complete manufacturer and product information.
  • Merach – With three button operations, the quality of the tip is rough, and the heat dissipation holes are fake holes. The manufacturer and product information is incomplete.

Internal Structure Design

  • Hypervolt and Posezoo both use metal connecting rods. The flanges and metal sleeves are thick, and the product structure is tightly matched. The four corners are fixed for stable operation. It is worth noting that Hypervolt uses a metal motor bracket, which is more stable than the nylon motor bracket used by Yunmai. For non-standard products, all molds are realized (except for bearings), and the structural design is tight.
  • Yunmai is not very different from the previous two products. It uses a nylon motor bracket. Due to the shape design, it uses triangular fixing. Operation stability is slightly worse.
  • Merach’s products have poor internal components, plastic connecting rods, metal plate motor brackets, simple and stable design, poor bearing quality, thin metal sleeves, thin product casings, and rough structural designs.


  • Hypervolt – about 1.08kg.
  • Yunmai – about 0.97kg.
  • Posezoo – about 0.99kg.
  • Merach – about 0.79kg

The product weight data has always been misunderstood on the fascia gun: Everyone thinks that the weight of handheld products is, of course, the lighter, the better, but it is not true. The excessively lightweight will cause the product to meat jumping due to internal power ( Meat jumping: refers to the effect of the product bouncing continuously on the skin surface.) Instead, it needs to apply pressure during the use to make it massage deep into the muscles. From the comparison of the four products, the main reason why Merach is too light is due to the reduction in the number of internal batteries


We chose a professional, quiet room for testing. The test method is to collect data by using the instrument at a max speed mode, with a distance of 30cm from the machine.

  • Hypervolt – about 48.2dB at 2900/rpm speed mode.
  • Yunmai – about 58.4dB at 3200/rpm speed mode.
  • Posezoo – about 54.2dB at 3200/rpm speed mode.
  • Merach – about 53.8dB at 2600/rpm speed mode.

Noise is an important indicator of the manufacturing accuracy of this type of product. The noise difference between this product mainly comes from several aspects:

1. Because the product has multiple power transmission structures, the higher the precision of the parts, the lower the noise.

2. Product motor power, the greater the power, the greater the noise during the motor operation

3. The actual working frequency of the motor is also the number of revolutions promoted by the product – the faster the frequency, the louder the noise.

4. Product amplitude (we say the depth of massage), the greater the amplitude, the greater the eccentric force generated, the greater the noise


The amplitude of the product is an important indicator of the professional positioning of the product. The proper amplitude can penetrate deep into the muscles and relax the fascia and deep muscles.

Except for the Merach amplitude of 8.5mm for the four products in the picture, the other three are basically around 10mm. This is one of the factors we found why Merach’s noise can be small.


Professional-grade products on the market generally use six 18650 batteries for a series boost, and the motor can only be driven after the voltage has risen to 24V. In terms of battery capacity, the capacity of the 18650 battery is basically between 2400mAh and 2600mAh. After the battery is boosted, it needs to be equipped with a protection circuit. This is found in the three products ( Hypervolt, Yunmai and Posezoo ) compared. The circuit protection board not only protects the machine but also It also protects users. It is also a cost.

Except that Merach uses 4 batteries, the battery design schemes of the other 3 products are basically the same.

Motor Torque (performance of motor load weight)

  • Hypervolt – about 14.6kg.
  • Yunmai – about 15.8kg.
  • Posezoo – about 14.7kg.
  • Merach – about 10.1kg.

The motor torque represents the dynamic performance of the motor to a certain extent. In the experience effect, it is the strength of each hit, so it is not necessary to have a fast light frequency. The product needs a certain torque.

Our test method is relatively straightforward. We will open it to the maximum speed and see what weight data the product will stop working.


Hyperice and Yunmai have good quality and performance, but the price / performance ratio is average compared to the high price.

The quality of the internal hardware of the product is closely related to the performance of the product. After ensuring product quality and workmanship are up to standard, choose according to demand. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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